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Passage Consultings' expertise is in helping leaders and their teams create and implement successful strategies to improve performance, manage change, and achieve greater results. Known for our quality, integrity, and enthusiasm, Passage Consulting (Passage) partners with our clients to clarify direction, diagnose issues, determine desired outcomes, and develop a plan to achieve success.


At Passage Consulting we specialize in:

We pride ourselves in our ability to get to the core issues quickly and address them head on. With years of experience, extensive knowledge and strong capabilities, we have developed effective techniques and approaches to assist leaders and organizations in identifying and taking the best route to success.


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Find out what it means build great leadership and improve execution in your organization.

This is not training, in the traditional sense, but a means to instill strong leadership and management into your organization.

Those that do reap the benefits:

? Higher productivity

? Better returns on capital

? More robust growth

? Increased employee engagement

“These benefits are easily accessible yet surprisingly few firms have made any attempt to gain an insight into the quality of their [leadership behaviors and] management practices.  Those that do give themselves access to rapid, cost effective and sustainable competitive advantage.” 

Centre for Economic Performance, “Management Matters”, July, 2007

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Passage Consulting utilizes specialized tools and resources to achieve your outcomes.

Ø Surveys and Assessments
Gain insights and knowledge critical for improving performance

Ø Experiential Learning and Outdoor Adventure
Empowering programs to affect change and overcome challenges

Ø Change Deployment Process (CDP)
Quickly transform change strategies into action.

Ø Human Resource Management Consulting
Expertise, tools, and processes in managing and developing people