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About Passage Consulting

Why We Exist

Passage Consulting is dedicated to increasing leadership and team performance at all levels across a corporate enterprise. The firm employs proprietary processes that blend coaching, leadership development and performance strategies to align individual, departmental, and organization-wide efforts to achieve corporate goals.

Passage Consulting was created with a single purpose in mind – to help managers and executives achieve greater levels of success for themselves, their people and their organizations.

How We Work

We partner with our clients to create and establish improvement processes designed to foster peak performance. The firm’s professionals bring an in-depth understanding of human behavior and both strategic and tactical components of organization effectiveness. These are supported by a highly-effective style and genuine concern that readily earns the respect and trust of clients.

We assist organizations in aligning key performance elements along with the needs of the customer. Then practical strategies to improve performance and overcome barriers to change are implemented that instill “new behaviors” and “different ways of doing work”.  Read more….

 Our Professionals

Passage Consulting has built a multi-talented team with years of diverse experiences and leverages a network of specialist who bring unique knowledge and capabilities.  By aligning with these outstanding professionals and organizations, we are able to provide our clients a greater depth of expertise and more comprehensive range of services.

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What Our Clients Say

“Jace quickly identified challenges facing our department, helped define and execute an implementation process to roll out project teams, enhance ownership and group collaboration.  Jace’s unique ability to understand people and situations provided us with a sound solution that we continue to utilize.”

Darsi Meyer, Executive Director, GMAC-RFC

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Phone: (805) 480-2663