An Unbiased Perspective

Passage Consulting provides coaching to executives, managers and key performers in areas identified as vital to their leadership effectiveness and future performance. Our highly personalized process improves a leader’s ability to optimize performance, achieve strategic results and realize personal fulfillment.

Passage offers one-on-one and group coaching in three specific areas:

  • Executive Coaching provides a confidential sounding board and advisor on dealing with business issues, organizational challenges, people matters, and personal growth.
  • Leadership Coaching focuses on working with leaders who may benefit from personal development and professional guidance.
  • Interpersonal and Communication Coaching focuses on improving interpersonal behaviors and building strong working relationships.

Passage’s accomplished executive coaches partner with the coachee bringing a real world, common-sense approach to promote and accelerate meaningful results.

Our typical coaching framework consists of:


Our coaches provide unbiased insights, learning, and feedback that can significantly impact a leader’s effectiveness in:

  • Leveraging success
  • Leading change
  • Modifying unsuccessful behaviors
  • Working with teams
  • Communicating
  • Influencing others
  • Developing strong working relations
  • Dealing with politics
  • Driving results
  • Managing performance

Leadership Development

Building great leadership throughout the ranks of an organization is essential to optimizing organizational performance. Recognizing leadership growth as a journey, our process facilitates development from the inside out, instilling what it means to be a great leader and demystifying what it takes to get there.

What Our Clients Say

“As a coach, Jace Overgaauw, played an important role in my personal success and the growth experienced by my organization. His insight and understanding of leadership enabled him to act as a trusted, confidential sounding board. Through our work, I have gained constructive insights, explored issues, and considered my decisions and actions to ensure the most positive outcomes would be realized.”

Don Blancion, CEO, Whitman Walker

The road through change is often filled with trials and tribulations… Let us help you identify and navigate the passages to sustainable improvement and greater success.

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