“I really enjoy our relationship Jace; told my wife when it began, ‘this is a bunch of ‘corporate bullshit’. Two years later, love you, sir,…..and your ability to make me think about things I never would. You are a stud, and worth every penny. Be well, sir.”

Chris J. Chapman, Regional Manager, Gothic Landscape Nevada

“Jace quickly identified challenges facing our department, helped define and execute an implementation process to roll out project teams, enhance ownership and group collaboration.  Jace’s unique ability to understand people and situations provided us with a sound solution that we continue to utilize.”

Darsi Meyer, Executive Director, GMAC-RFC

“I have recently worked with Jace Overgaauw to further develop the skills of myself and my executive team. We worked on individual and team skills that have led to increased effectiveness, results, and relationships. As the CEO, Jace has been instrumental in providing a new perspective for me so that I have a deeper understanding of the challenges facing my direct reports and fresh techniques to deal with those challenges. He has guided us individually and collectively by focusing on personal improvement and team communication and accountability. His process is not a theoretical, time-consuming approach, but rather easy to understand and incremental steps to success. I recommend Jace to any leader who is committed to improving their effectiveness.”

Jon Georgio, CEO, Gothic Landscape

Passage worked with our organization to strengthen leadership, build teamwork & trust and solve interpersonal problems through coaching, training and by providing real-time skill building.  He challenged our leadership to think differently about relationships and working in teams and helped put us on the path to more fulfilling relationships and organizational success and sustainability for the future”

Patti Occhiuzzo Giggans, Executive Director, Peace Over Violence

“And I also want to thank you for putting up with me and helping me through some difficult issues this last year I truly enjoy our working relationship as well as our friendship and I now enjoy working at Gothic again which I have you to thank”.

Mike Seleskey, Branch Manager - Gothic Landscape, Inc.

“Jace Overgaauw has excellent interpersonal skills and brings a tremendous amount of real-life experience to offer to an organization. People instantly trust and like him.”

Cindy Anderson, Site Executive, BAE Systems

“Passage played an important role (through personal coaching and organizational development) in my personal success as an HR Executive and the overall development of our Human Resource Department.  They functioned as trusted advisors, provided us with tools and resources, and worked with us to address organizational challenges during periods of growth and change”

Kevin Cox, Vice President, Human Resources & CAO Troika Networks, Inc.

“Over the years I have hired Passage Consulting to design and facilitate team building sessions within management development programs; help organizations with troubled management teams; assist management in planning and improving skills with employees & peers, and create activities and exercises for post layoff revitalization and improved communication.  The assistance and expertise provided always helped the organizations learn and perform better.”

Ruth Simeon, Vice President, Programs, Crystal Stairs, Inc

A year ago, my leadership group (and I mean “group” not “team”) was almost completely dysfunctional – composed of intelligent experts that had little idea of how to use their talents as a team to promote the “greater good.”  Your coaching was instrumental in helping me identify who should remain on my management team and in replacing those who should not with capable team players.  Remarkably, in less than a years time, my management team has progressed to one that embodies all that a good management team should be: trust in each other; the ability to confront one-another directly without any loss of respect for each other; shared commitment to common goals, accountability; results oriented.  Thanks for your one-on-one coaching with me, my managers, my technical leads and for your team coaching as well.  You’ve had a big impact!

Kevin Nary, Director, MSASIC, Teradyne, Inc

With his remarkable ability to quickly identify, comprehend, and explain multifaceted relationships, Jace has helped me to further develop both my thinking and my actions relative to my stakeholders and other working relationships. Through his observations and suggestions, I gained important personal realizations as Jace drew attention to behaviors to be considered in a different way, and helped me to effectively implement those leadership and personal changes.

Derya Thompson, SVP & Western Region Transportation Practice Leader, Thornton Tomasetti

We have worked with Passage Consulting for years and I couldn’t think of a better partner when it comes to delivering high quality coaching, consulting and leadership development. Whether it be partnering on large coaching engagements or developing joint go-to-market strategies, Jace’s experience and commitment to his craft is always 100%.   

Josh Sheets, Director of Operations, TruScore (formerly The Booth Company)

I have had the pleasure of utilizing Passage’s expertise on several occasions during the past 15+ years in the areas of leadership development and organizational performance measurement. Jace is professional, astute and straightforward.

Helen Tran, Senior Manager, HR Business Partner, Microsemi Corp.

In the end you helped polished some of my existing skills, helped me add new skills, and helped me to find my mojo – which is exactly what I needed.  I am a better person for having worked with you and it shows in both my professional and personal life – thank you.

Brian McCready , | Director Partner Development | Pharmavite LLC

“As a coach, Jace Overgaauw, played an important role in my personal success and the growth experienced by my organization.  His insight and understanding of leadership enabled him to act as a trusted, confidential sounding board.  Through our work I have gained constructive insights, explored issues, and considered my decisions and actions to ensure the most positive outcomes would be realized.”

Don Blanchon, CEO, Whitman Walker


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