Leadership Development

Unlocking the Leader Within

Building great leadership throughout the ranks of an organization is essential to optimizing organizational performance. Recognizing leadership growth as a journey, our process facilitates development from the inside out, instilling what it means to be a great leader and demystifying what it takes to get there. 

As a result, leaders are armed with the capabilities needed to produce results. They discover their unique strengths and capabilities. They learn how to continually build upon these to:

  • Improve interpersonal skills 
  • Expand personal capability
  • Build character Increase collaboration and team success 
  • Lead change 
  • Impact business results

Following our five-step development process, Passage offers custom leadership programs for both individuals and groups.

1. Awareness: Through information gathering, develop an accurate and detailed understanding of the situation and challenge at hand.

2. Authenticity: Participants begin to understand and define “leadership” from an organizational context and commit to becoming “great” leaders. 

3. Action Planning: Create a plan of action to move towards predetermined goals and objectives. 

4. Application: Through action learning, participants develop and practice competencies important to increased leadership effectiveness. 

5. Assessment: Measure accomplishment in order to demonstrate that progress has occurred. 

Special features of our programs can include:

  • 360-degree assessment 
  • Work on real and significant problems important to both the organizational sponsors and the participants 
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Confidential one-on-one consultation 
  • Follow-up coaching
  • Periodic leadership forums
  • Experiential Learning

Leadership Team Sessions

Passage Consulting facilitates new and better ways to tackle leadership problems and organizational challenges. Structured as actual working sessions, leadership teams will learn to work more collaboratively, make decisions with greater speed, and move business forward with greater intent and impact.


Passage also offers programs designed to address specific issues and select needs. Possible topics include: 

  • Managing high performance teams
  • Developing managers
  • Achieving results through others 
  • Managing conflict
  • Managing multiple demands 

For more information on available leadership and management workshops, please contact us.

“These benefits are easily accessible yet surprisingly few firms have made any attempt to gain an insight into the quality of their [leadership behaviors and] management practices. Those that do give themselves access to rapid, cost effective and sustainable competitive advantage.”
Centre for Economic Performance
Centre for Economic Performance
“Management Matters”, July, 2007